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ASMR 16 Slow and Calm Triggers for Sleep ????

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This ASMR video has only one goal: make you relax and fall asleep. I've recorded very slow and calm asmr trigger sounds, starting with the cork mat that a lot of you love. I've also used different gloves, did scratching on a chopping board, made water move inside his jar and also did some tapping on his bottom. I've cleaned your face with a konjac sponge... Wait, that's not all. I've also given you a good haircut. I cut my own hair, you know. That's a proof of quality. I've also cleaned your teeth. I've then made bubblewrap and butterflies dance all around your head. Butterflies are alwawys happy to dance to make you fall asleep. The good old mouth sounds tunnel is making a comeback, as well as the "deep breathing" that I hadn't done for a while. Near the end of the video, you'll hear some whisperings of the unique expressions I've made up, namely: click cluck and kokkorikko-ko. Oh, and some hands movements too... If you haven't fallen asleep yet by then, that is!

I've written there are 16 triggers but there may be more, depending on how you count them, as always. And this isn't important, neither.

Here is a rough timestamp:
00:00 Cork Mat (you are already sleeping)
03:29 Cooking Gloves (relax time)
06:15 Green Gloves (for those who don’t get tingles)
08:57 Colored Pencils (touching the mics gently)
11:56 Chopping Board (scratching me softly)
14:17 Water Jar (borrowed it from Mad Scientist)
19:56 Konjac Sponge (rather boring)
21:10 Scissors & Comb (I’m your hairdresser)
23:11 Bubblewrap (sending you a sleepy gift)
24:31 Toothbrush (all clear)
25:45 Butterflies (this is getting romantic)
27:55 Mouth Sounds Tunnel (enter the void)
30:08 Juggling Ball (but I’m not juggling today)
31:23 Breathing (inhale… exhale! Let’s do it together)
32:41 Click Cluck (unique words whispering)
34:53 Kokkorikko-ko (I told you, you are already sleeping! Why are you still here?!)

A final note: as I was browsing YT, I noticed that Gibi had just released a video called "Slow & Calm Triggers for Sleep". I racked my brain hard to find a different title. See how my brain worked well, huh? Forgive me, my cats were still dancing on my beard at 2am and I had to wake up at 7am. I haven't slept much yet. My cats are sleeping now though :D

Good night, good night.

Thanks for watching!

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Good night!

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