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A quick review of Uber's New UBER WORKS APP

Okay, so what is Uber Works?- Well if you’ve ever used Uber the ride share service, yes they just came out with an on demand, general labor/service & gig work APP.

So should this send shivers up your spine if you’re someone that places general labor candidates like myself? I mean, Uber Works is here to put you out of business!

Not so fast, and not so accurate….

Don’t get me wrong the gig market is incredible, the gig market for food delivery, for home improvement, specialized virtual services like upwork.com and others is fantastic and it functions perfectly, but the gig market for recruiting, for hiring…? No, not so much.…

It should be noted that Uber Works is only in beta test mode in Chicago currently under highly controlled settings where they’re basically operating it themselves…as in its not autonomous and running rampant quite yet.

I personally am not afraid of what Uber is doing with Uber Works for several reasons including some blatantly obvious ones.

1. There have been several apps/ websites and concepts that have tried this model out before and it made ZERO dent in the market, just ask anyone in general labor staffing.

Has anybody ever heard of Wanelo? yea…they do the exact same thing, yet nobody knows them and nobody or uses them.

2. Even if Uber Works was to be some massive success story, it will still only fill in the tiniest of market gaps open.

I’m talking about coffee shop baristas for a few weeks, maybe a bartender while someone’s on vacation, or a simple courier driver replacement. None of these roles are permanent, vetted people that the company or the candidate wants to be in a relationship with.

My point being is that Uber Works won’t ever take over the permanent job placement market. This is where recruiting agencies like mine and many others make their money. Uber doesn’t have a chance at grabbing that market.

3. Humans like to work with humans, and thats why recruitment has been around since the beginning of time. human’s adjust to technology and only in ways we choose, for instance Alexa or Bluetooth technologies, but not RECRUITING of all things!

4. Please tell me, if this idea worked so well, why hasn’t monster.com or career builder made an on-demand gig work APP? Those companies have been around since the nineties, and have all the market research and data. They would have been the FIRST to create something if it was a legitimate, minimum viable product.

All in all…. well played Uber, well played, but I don’t think you’re going to snap up the market. In fact, you’re actually just diluting what is a perfectly good ride share and food delivery business that you should stay in.

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